Al Ain Zoo Launches Tamkeen Programme to Develop and GrowTeamMembers Capabilities

Al Ain : Al Ain Zoo has launched its staff development programme,titled “Tamkeen Programme”. The programme focuses on knowledge sharing and talent development, across a variety of disciplines, that represent the zoo’s objective to continually invest in, and develop, the capabilities and skills of their staff.

With a mission to evaluate staff skills, support and invest in their talents and expertise, as well as knowledge sharing, the new programme aims to develop in-house talent and grow expertise.The name of the programme is inspired by Al Ain Zoo’s commitment to encourage the capabilities of their team, and solidifycorporate values, to enhance decision making in the working environment.

The programme includes 7 development initiatives, including:

The ‘Knowledge Expert’, a group of experts who contribute to knowledge building through sharing educational content ‘Knowledge Sharing Sessions’ which aim to educate, and upskill, staff on tasks and responsibilities across other departments.

The ‘Talent Platform’ works to support in-house talents by providing them with the space to showcase the knowledge and experience, to be utilised acrossseveral corporate programmes and projects ‘Knowledge of a Talent’, an initiative towards broadening knowledge, as well as directed employee and talent star.

Through the implementation of the programme, Al Ain Zoo aims to provide staff with development opportunities and allow them to utilise their skills across different sectors.The new programme will directly reflect on the quality of services and experiences offered at Al Ain Zoo, by sharing knowledge and contributing to a knowledge-based economy,tooffera wide variety of developmental and educational programmes for Emirati talent.

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