Wednesday , October 27 2021

AI, Cognitive IoT, and Blockchain for Intelligent Connected Products

The Internet of Things (IOT) has the potential to encompass and instrument a large range of connected devices including home appliances and utilities, wearables, homes and corporate buildings, industrial processes, medical devices, law-enforcement devices, military equipment, and other connected applications that today might be barely imaginable.

Today, “Things” are simply those computerized and networked devices that become part of the IoT. Some of those Things will be directly accessible over the Internet, whereas others would be supposedly hidden in local networks behind firewalls and address-translating routers.

In the next few years estimates suggest that the number of connected “things” will reach tens of billions, with that in mind, it’s obvious that there are many risks associated with IoT: from the nature of these “Things” and how they are designed to the way they interface with end-users, their security, and integrity.

Everything as a service

Given what the Digital Era has to offer in terms of technology, it is safe to assume that in the future everything that isn’t a micro-service falling under “Everything as a service” will be a connected device, from small passive sensors to complex things like a smart car, a factory machine or a robot; but is IoT, as a concept, capable today to change the world?

Thanks to Artificial Intelligence & Machine learning, IoT can be supported by Intelligent Processes instead of Automated Processes making “Smart” things “Intelligent” and “Conversant”; With Blockchain offering decentralized ledgers that align with the nature of IoT as a concept to guarantee data security and integrity enabling a high level of trust for X-industries to change their way of thinking towards everything as a service, putting their devices, machines, processes, and faith in IoT, it proves that AI, Cognitive IoT, and Blockchain produce Intelligent Secure Connected devices.

Intelligent Connected Products on Industry

The focus and energy of IT giants have switched from data mining, search technology, and virtual collaboration to being directed towards Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Blockchain, and the Internet of Things. These new emerging technologies are shaping, on a larger scale, what doing business digitally tomorrow will be like. Smart, Secure, and Cognitive digital-twin of your business is now a reality.

An example of the application relates to the industry sector. Industry 4.0 aims to create “smart factories”: equipped with cyber-physical systems that monitor physical processes, create virtual copies of the physical assets and make decentralized decisions. Over IoT, these systems can communicate and cooperate with each other and with humans in real time, whilst Everything served as a service, both internal and cross-organizational services can be offered and used by participants that contribute in the chain of value.

Other use cases can extend to airports or even a whole “smart” city. This will enable businesses to have, in real-time, insight and foresight over their activities, act in the moment to seize opportunities immediately and take collaborative actions at the moment of greatest impact; streamlining work will go beyond automation, through intelligent processing key decisions can be made locally to increase usability and automation whilst capturing the specificity and individuality of customers.

Adding Intelligence to Products with AI, IoT, and Blockchain

It might sound like a mishmash of buzzwords, but as technology evolves, we can expect products being merged with blockchain, AI, and the Internet of Things to add intelligence. These technologies will increase businesses’ access to data, broaden the types of data that can be analyzed and raise the level of sophistication of the resulting insight.

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