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New risk factor for mouth cancer uncovered

In some regions, mouth cancer incidence has risen. A recent study uncovers a new risk factor that might help explain these increases. A recent study investigates a new risk factor for mouth cancer. In certain parts of the world, over the past couple of decades, mouth cancer rates have soared. ... Read More »

Could poor protein trafficking be a factor in autism?

A protein whose mutations are found in people with autism and other neurodevelopmental conditions helps keep connections between neurons in the brain running smoothly. People with autism have a mutated protein that disrupts the connections between neurons. Newly published research — led by Rockefeller University in New York City, NY ... Read More »

Medical News Today: Dementia: New risk factor examined

Over the years, scientists have identified a number of risk factors for dementia. However, according to the most recent study, that list might be incomplete. Understanding the risk factors for dementia is more important than ever. Dementia describes a group of symptoms that include a decline in memory and cognitive ... Read More »

Jet Airways reports passenger load factor of 88.7% in January

Jet Airways has reported the Passenger Load Factor (PLF) of 88.7% during the month of January 2018. The company had reported the Passenger Load Factor (PLF) of 88.5% during the month of December 2017. The PLF is a key indicator of the company’s performance, as it measures the average percentage ... Read More »

Not Just Chasing the Cool Factor for IoT Success

The Internet of Things (IoT) and Digital Transformation (DT) are very hot topics that are on the radar for the vast majority of businesses. The interesting thing, however, is that successfully implementing or embarking on an IoT or DT journey, and obtaining an ROI that will positively impact a business, ... Read More »