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Get Ready to Witness some Bong Hotties in ALTBalaji’s Hai Taubba Season 3

When it comes to OTT platforms, the quest for riveting, entertaining yet groundbreaking stories ends at ALTBalaji. And why not? The platform offers a wide range of interesting shows, free from the shackles of political correctness, and yet, are very impactful. One such web series is Hai Taubba which has an eye-opening take on societal taboos related to sexuality. While raising a debate on such a sensitive issue, the show also manages to entertain the audience with its gripping storyline. And now, makers are back with the third season of the show. Yes! This time ALTBalaji’s web series will be packed with some well-crafted stories along with an ample dose of sensuality. To be precise, Hai Taubba 3’s episode Sherni is one you would be eager to look forward to.

So, here’s everything you need to know about this segment.

Sherni And Its Powerhouse Cast

The story of Sherni is set in the countryside Bengal where zamindars have a greater hold than the government authorities. With an interesting look at the history and the culture, this episode of Hai Taubba is high on some sensual story arcs. The highlights of Sherni are its three leading women, Ekavali Khanna, Basabdatta Chatterjee, and Shaili Bhattacharya. With their exquisite looks and acting chops, these three actors are all set to leave you charmed. Bengali bombshells have enthralled the audience with unmatched beauty and sensuousness for decades. It will be no exception this time!

In Sherni, the three main characters belong to the household of landlords whilst representing completely different worlds, dominated by their inner complexities. Talking about it, we have the zamindar’s wife Sarla (Ekavali Khanna), who’s devoid of true love. Furthermore, there’s Sarla’s daughter Sharmila (Shaili Bhattacharya) who’s seeking the man of her dreams. And most intriguing of these three personas is Bimala (Basabdatta Chatterjee), the landlord’s widowed sister who is tormented by societal restrictions.

Sharing the first look of her character Sarla, actor Ekavali Khanna posted a series of exquisite pictures. Donning a traditional Bengali saree, the actor left her fans impressed as they showered her post with loving messages.

On the one side, they will leave you spellbound with their beauty, and on the other, they will introduce you to the unexpected side of human nature. So as they say,  “Her Life, Her Rules. Uske Sapne Uski Priorities!” Be ready for a norm-breaking storyline in Hai Tauba 3’s episode, Sherni.

Recently, Ekavali Khanna also took to Instagram to share her avatar for the show, and no prizes for guessing that she looked breathtakingly beautiful! Fans showered praises in the comments section.











An Insight Into The Episode ‘Sherni’

Talking about the story, Sherni revolves around a remote village that is struck by a man-eater on the hunt. In this difficult time, the villagers turn to the zamindar in the need of help. Furthermore, this external conflict entangles the chaos in the zamindar’s household. These problems are related to three women of the house named, Sarla, Bimala, and Sharmila respectively. Each of them is seeking a change in their love life. And thus, amidst the chaotic situations, begins the real hunt.

Moreover, this episode from Hai Taubba season 3 presents an all-Bengali cast along with real locations, living up to the story’s theme and setting. Apart from the leading ladies, the episode also features talented actors like Saheb Bhattacharya and Subhrajit Dutta in pivotal roles. Get ready for an entertaining and thrilling ride with the episode Sherni, full of unexpected twists.

Well, apart from Sherni, this anthology drama will also be packed with another three interesting stories themed up on some sensitive subjects. Hai Taubba Season 3 is all set to release exclusively on ALTBalaji this September. So don’t miss out on watching some notable chapters breaking stereotypes in style.

Now watch Hai Taubba Season 3 and more of your favourite shows on ALTBalaji, at just 80 paise per day!

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