Wednesday , December 8 2021

67-yr old gardener open fires inside government school in Dungarpur, 3 kids hurt

Udaipur : Irritated by students who crept inside his garden and plucked fruits and vegetables, a cultivator opened rounds of fire at one of the classrooms of Government Maharawal senior secondary school in Dungarpur city on Wednesday morning. The school building is a large  palatial one, of the Wagad princely state times situated inside the walled city area and has over 1500 students reading in it. The firing was aimed at 12-B classroom, which is situated at the backyard of the building and adjacent to a gardener’s land. Three children were inside the classroom when the firing took place, luckily, the bullets got struck inside the iron chick door and the students only sustained minor scratches on their heads.

Surprisingly, while all the commotion was happening, a legal aid camp was ongoing at the assembly ground and judicial magistrates were addressing the event. All the students and staff were so busy attending the program that the firing sound couldnt be heard, sources said. Two of the students were so frightened that they ran away from the school and hence the authorities came to know about the incident hours later when they returned and reported it to the teachers. ” No one is seriously hurt and the teaching work went uninterrupted like any working day” police said. Cops arrested the garden owner and a case has been registered against him. Police has also seized the weapon- a topidar bandook and is enquiring about its license.

“The accused Jumma Khan’s plot is adjacent to the school building and there has been a long standing land dispute between both parties. Meanwhile, the accused was highly crossed with the school kids who often jumped the wall and got inside his garden. They plucked and took away his fruits and veggies causing him great anger” Additional  SP RamjiLal Chandel told Udaipur Kiran. He had complained to the school authorities many times.On Wednesday too, some of the students sneaked into the garden and stole fruits. The old man lost his temper and opened fire from his garden in order to warn the children. ” The accused said he wanted to frighten the kids and had no other intention. It was done in a fit of fury and nothing very serious” a senior officer said.

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