Monday , September 27 2021

Two Simple Ways To Edit PDFs Easily With And Without Internet

When Portable Document Format (PDF) was first created by John Warnock, the aim of the format creation was to make it easier for people to distribute documents by eliminating the need of printing. The PDF was not user-friendly as the file size is larger and it could not support external hyperlinks. In addition to it, the PDF could be viewed only with a special PDF viewer. Over the passage of time, the functional aspect of the PDF kept on improving. The improvement for the PDF has been done as such that it has not only become user-friendly but also has become the most popular document format for sharing and transferring professional documents. Even though the PDF is loved by all, one cannot deny that editing a PDF document is still problematic. The PDF made it difficult to edit because this document format was not basically designed to be edited. Not all the documents are PDFs from the beginning. The source file of the PDF can be different like Word, Excel or even JPG files which are then converted into PDF for distributing the documents. 

Edit PDF Document With Internet 

There are many online PDF editors which one can use for editing documents. Popular PDF editors which are available online include Lua PDF Converter, Sejda PDF Editor and Smallpdf. For using these online PDF editors, one must open the PDF online editor in a browser, and then upload the documents. Once the document is uploaded, the user can start editing the PDF file and then save and download it. In this section, we will take the example of Lua PDF Converter for converting a PDF to JPG which then can be edited using sophisticated software like Adobe Photoshop. 


Firstly, the user needs to open Lua PDF online converter. Then other than that, there are multiple options available and the user needs to select the “PDF to JPG” which will extract the different pages of the PDF and convert them to JPG and the user can download the files. All the files which are uploaded in the Lua PDF converter are secure as all the data are automatically deleted from the server. Lastly, when the JPG files are edited, it can be converted back to PDF and further, the user can Compress PDF to make it easier to transfer due to its small size. 


In addition to online PDF edit, one can also use Google Docs to edit the PDF document. For using Google Docs, one needs to upload the file in the Drive. Then open the PDF document which has been uploaded in the Drive, one needs to open the document using Google Docs. The PDF file will be then converted into an editable document. The user can then edit the document and then convert it back to a PDF file. 

Edit PDF Document Without Internet

If you ever need to edit a PDF file but has no internet connection, you might feel lost. However, one will be grateful to know that it is totally possible to edit PDF documents without the internet using Microsoft Word. This method stands true when a document-based PDF needs to be edited. For editing a PDF document without internet, follow the steps given below:

  1. Open the Microsoft Word and click on File
  2. Click on Open and then, select the PDF file that you want to need to edit
  3. A notification will appear on the screen saying that in order to convert the PDF into an editable document, the format of the document will be converted. The user needs to click on OK. The original PDF document remains intact but the conversion of the document is done to make the document editable 


One can then make the necessary changes in the documents and then convert the document back into PDF. Editing a PDF file is only possible without an internet connection if the file is document related and can be opened using Microsoft Word. On the basis of whether an internet connection is available or not, a user can decide which method needs to be implemented for editing the PDF document. It is recommended that after the necessary editing has been made, the file should be converted back to PDF for transferring and sharing it easily. Further, if the PDF is sensitive, it can also be password protected to save it from prying eyes. 

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