Monday , September 27 2021

The pros and cons of using an iPad for students

 Education has been gradually evolving to inculcate modern technology in its various forms within its scope. The traditional methods of verbal instructions have taken a backseat with the integration of digital methods of teachings. It is often said that visuals appeal to the imagination more than plain text. And the present modes of imparting knowledge prove to be a testament to it. Students tend to learn and gain better when they can access these advanced tools. Tablets are among those gadgets which have infused a breath of fresh air in the educational sphere. Students, who do not take delight in studying, and get distracted easily have taken to tablets like a duck to water. Among the host of options, iPads have outshone others in reliability, functions and auxiliary features. At present, when the pandemic has transformed the face of education, iPads have become quite a rage. The rapid shift to online education has led to a spike in educational electronic gadgets, including the iPad. However, iPads also have their drawbacks when it comes to students. So, should you invest in it for educational purposes? Is it worth purchasing an iPad for students? Draw a conclusion for yourself with this wholesome guide.

Pros of an iPad for students 

  • Digital textbooks and notebooks:Textbooks can be accessed in digital form on iPads. The touch interface of an iPad allows a seamless sail for the students. The burden of heavy school bags can be reduced with these technological wonders. E-books also help in saving trees, which undergo reckless deforestation to provide paper for various purposes. Similarly, with the Apple Pencil, a digital stylus meant for writing and drawing, students can take vital notes. Thus, these devices from Apple extend unparalleled convenience and ease when it comes to digital learning.
  • Multifarious educational applications: iPad supports wide-ranging educational applications which have infused fun into the learning process. Apple’s App Store extends an array of alternatives for students, and the number only increases with every passing day. For instance, the Photomath application has rendered mathematics a fun subject for children. The Evernote application allows proper organisation of notes, which allow the students to plan their study schedule efficiently. 
  • Inclusive: iPad is an inclusive device, for it caters to the requirements of students with cognitive disabilities. For instance, autistic children can grasp better through iPads because they get attracted to images rather than simple words. iPads extend the scope of communicating with the teachers and parents through a series of imagery. Thus, they can express themselves freely without any constraint and not get flustered.
  • Communication tool: An iPad aids in better learning as it allows students to access several methods of communication. With FaceTime, they can interact with their teachers, classmates or any other person. They can get their queries solved without any hassle. In the age of online education, student-teacher face to face interaction in the virtual form has become indispensable. iPad has ensured that proper communication gets established between several players of the education system.
  • Portable: An iPad is a lightweight and portable device. It can be carried around without any trouble or inconvenience. When compared to textbooks or binders, an iPad proves to be more lightweight. 
  • Long-lasting battery life: In comparison to mobile phones and laptops, an iPad’s battery lasts longer. Thus, as a student, you can stream informative videos, take notes etc. for hours without any interruption.

Cons of an iPad for students


  • Expensive: Apple tablets are not very affordable. Investing in an iPad can be a costly affair. Hence, not every student possesses the means to own an iPad.
  • Inconvenient typing: Not every iPad model comes with a stylus or Apple Pencil, and these accessories do not come at a low price. So, students have to resort to typing. However, an iPad doesn’t boast of a smooth typing interface. It gets exacting to type lengthy texts. There is always an option of syncing an Apple wireless keyboard to the iPad. However, it will only swell the expenses.
  • Potential health impact: Spending long hours on an iPad does not augur well for the health of the eyes. Students can become susceptible to irreversible conditions such as myopia and other eye issues. Hence, digital learning via a tablet is not always fruitful.

Thus, an iPad has its benefits and drawbacks; it depends on your discretion if you wish to buy an iPad or not for convenient learning. The pros of owning an iPad do overpower the downsides, and hence, it can be a worthwhile investment. If you decide to own one, buy it using the Bajaj Finserv EMI Network Card. It will allow you to pay your bill in the form of easy, affordable EMIs while waiving off the interest. And if you secure your purchase from the Bajaj Finserv EMI Store, you will savour impressive discounts and deals. Additionally, you will get your product delivered within 24 hours of placing the order.

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