Wednesday , September 29 2021

Here’s How You Can Fight Air Pollution Efficiently

Ever wondered if the air that you breathe contains harmful pollutants? Like many of us, you might not know that the clear air you feel around is not as clean as you think it to be. Only the vehicles driven on the roads are not the primary source of air pollution. There is smoke from factories, backyard fires, and the burning of garbage. As per a scientific study, air pollution led to 1.7 million deaths in India in 2019. Many people do not realize air pollution until they get diagnosed with some respiratory health issue.

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The best way to prevent any harmful effect of air pollution on your health is to be careful about your habits. You can do several small things to stay healthy, like wearing a pollution mask, plant more trees, and save energy. Let’s discuss them in detail.

  1. Wear Anti-Pollution Mask

Developing the habit of wearing an anti-pollution mask is a mustthese days. The importance of this habit is not just limited to the current pandemic. Look at the current Air Quality Index of your city, research about the impact of such air pollution levels, and you will realize how essential it is to wear a mask when you go out.

Another important thing you should know about masks is that not all masks offer the required resistance to pollutants and harmful germs. Amidst the Coronavirus pandemic, you can easily find a wide variety of masks available. Make sure you check their quality before buying them for yourself or your loved ones. Use reliable pollution masks like Airific 2.0 that are certified by Nelson Labs, USA, to provide maximum protection against micro-pollutants.

  1. Do Not Burn Waste

You can easily find several different types of waste around you, irrespective of whether you live. A common misconception amongst people about waste reduction is that burning waste is an effective method. Although this may make the waste disappear in front of your eyes, it releases harmful pollutants in the air, increasing the existing pollutants further. Adding waste products like plastic bottles is even more harmful and degrades air quality.

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While wearing an anti-pollution mask is for your safety, it is also crucial that you care for others by not burning waste in any capacity. Learn to dispose of different kinds of waste material the right way.

  1. Check Your Home for Indoor Air Pollutants

You can wear a good quality anti-pollution mask whenever you are out of your home for protection. But what will you do for the indoor air pollutants that are equally harmful? These pollutants include harmful molecules from paint, pet dander, mold, and much else. Like external air pollution, indoor pollution can also become the source of breathing problems, particularly when there are kids and older people in the house.

Hence, it is crucial that you keep on checking the indoor air pollutant levels and follow ways to minimize the same. You can use the combination of an air quality monitor and air purifier for such needs.

  1. Plant More Trees

Wearing an anti-pollution wherever you go is something that will keep you healthy. But what about the health of the environment you live in? Each of us has the responsibility to care for nature and conserve it to protect the environment and make it suitable for us. A simple thing you can do is to plant trees around your home. Create a small garden within your place, no matter big or small, and take good care of it.

It will not only keep the air around your home fresh and healthy but will be considered a step towards conserving the essence of nature. Make sure you do not forget to wear an anti-pollution mask when you go outside.

  1. Save Electrical Energy

You might be wondering how saving electricity can help reduce air pollution. The correlation between the two is quite indirect. Before the electrical power is supplied to our homes, the power generation process requires fossil fuels like coal,releasing pollutants in the air, though in a controlled manner.

Think of saving electrical energy as your contribution towards lowering the pollutant levels in the air, no matter how small itsimpact will be. Such small steps taken by every individual can help us win the battle against air pollution while also protecting our environment.

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