Thursday , December 2 2021

Astrologer Atlanta Kaashhyap’s prediction comes true, Shah Rukh’s son Aryan gets bail

After hearing Shahrukh Khan’s son Aryan Khan’s Mumbai drugs case today, the High Court granted bail to Aryan Khan . But the most important thing in this has been its prediction . Astrologer Atlanta Kaashhyap had made predictions from her social media account 3 days ago (Before Bail) on 24 October At 4.30 Am . Which turned out to be exactly 300% true. The whole of India was eyeing Atlanta’s prediction, after which the people of the country are once again feeling proud of her . Atlanta Kaashhyap wrote in social media account, Aryan Khan’s Kundli defect, only 3 days are needed to remove it .

There will be 300% jail release within minimum 7 days and maximum 21 days . 300% clean report will also be available and Aryan Khan will be home . Very wonderful thing has been said, 25, 26, 27, 3 days have been completed . Bail was also APL on 27th October but postponed to 28th October . Where 3 days is completely completed and now you will be home within 7 days . Very amazing calculation, how can one predict the future accurately . We are proud of you daughter of India, one day India will be number 1 in future prediction . That is our hope .

Let us tell you that Atlanta Kashyap has given accurate predictions in the Salman Khan and Sanjay Dutt case . Even then his prediction came true 300% . Now Aryan Khan has also been granted bail by the court in the drugs case, whose prediction came true . The prediction of Atlanta Kaashhyap has never failed in 15 years . Let us tell you that Atlanta is also called the daughter of nature .

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