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Novel flying robot mimics rapid insect flight

A novel insect-inspired flying robot, developed by TU Delft researchers from the Micro Air Vehicle Laboratory (MAVLab), is presented in Science (14 September 2018). Experiments with this first autonomous, free-flying and agile flapping-wing robot — carried out in collaboration with Wageningen University & Research — improved our understanding of how ... Read More »

Robot can pick up any object after inspecting it

Humans have long been masters of dexterity, a skill that can largely be credited to the help of our eyes. Robots, meanwhile, are still catching up. Certainly there’s been some progress: for decades robots in controlled environments like assembly lines have been able to pick up the same object over ... Read More »

German astronaut directs humanoid robot from space

Justin is a humanoid robot being trained to carry out tasks that could eventually assist man’s efforts to set up shop on Mars. Gerst, currently serving a stint as commander on the European Space Station ISS, on Friday (August 17) conducted a variety of tasks with Justin, directing the robot ... Read More »

Robot glider can fly like an albatross, cruise like sailboats

In regions of high wind, the robot is designed to stay aloft, much like its avian counterpart. Where there are calmer winds, the robot can dip a keel into the water to ride like a highly efficient sailboat instead. The robotic system, which borrows from both nautical and biological designs, ... Read More »

AI robot can help people dress up

The machine, a PR2, taught itself in one day, by analysing nearly 11,000 simulated examples of a robot putting a gown onto a human arm. Some of those attempts were flawless, while others were spectacular failures – the simulated robot applied dangerous forces to the arm when the cloth would ... Read More »