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Man blow chilli powder, try to burn protestors at Udaipur collectorate

Udaipur : In an utterly shocking incident, a man created terror and panic inside collectorate premises on Wednesday afternoon as he blew chilli powder, threw petrol on people and put up fire. Six persons including 4 cops were hurt in the course, clothes of two men caught fire that was controlled immediately. The accused had also carried two knifes inside his clothes and he attacked the cops who tried to nab him. Later he was arrested and taken to Bhupalpura police station.

The accused had done the same act in November and thrown boiling Dal on cops who had gone to his restaurant in connection to a criminal case pending against him. ” The incident took place around 2 pm at the collectorate. There was a dharna being organized by the communist partymen and as they were about to disburse after the protest, suddenly the accused RadheySham Teli so Laxman Teli resident of AlooFactory area, barged in and blew chilli powder at the men” DySP BhagwatSIngh Hingad told Udaipur Kiran. As SubInspector Madhavlal, incharge of the collectorate chowky tried to catch him, the accused threw petrol on him which also fell on a commrade standing nearby. He then threw a burning matchstick and the clothes caught fire.

Luckily people managed to put the fire off. When the security tried to catch him, he took out knives from his clothes and one of the cop sustained minor injury. “The accused  has been booked under sections 307, 323, 332 and 353 of the IPC. This is the third time when he is behaving in the same manner. His intentions behind such behaviour is yet tobe known” Hingad said.

On November 20, the accused and his wife had created much uproar on the streets when cops had gone to his restaurant in Sukher area to investigate a pending case against him. He had poured boiling Dal on the cops and threatened to explode the entire area by pulling out the tube of a burning gastove.

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