Tuesday , October 26 2021

Fashion Trends Women Should Look Out for 2020

2020 is all about the accumulated trends collected from the past decade. The great deal about this is that all decade-round the trends were massively influential. Also, with every couple of years that passed, one trend appears and goes along with the remaining. This left tons of amazing effects on how modern fashion became today.

 This quirky mix of styles is so different in many ways. Hipster glasses, fedora hats, jumpers, and bowties were the things that initiated throughout the first quarter of the decade. But as soon as minimal wear had heated up, all the crisp earthy details were gone. And then after a few years, vintage and function wear came into the picture.

 Accessories that included analog watches, belts, and leather goods also flourished throughout the developing years. This made the quirky-serious styles we see nowadays. Although free and strict at the same time, here are the fashion trends that might complete the decade.

 1. Grunge wave

 It had come to attention that grimy styles are the way to go. This can be considered as the “post-emo” era wherein the youngsters put on their fishnets and Doc Martens in celebration of rebellious life. The dark and loud vibe that this style put out is so influential in the music scene.

 2. Oversized accessories

 Gold chains, diamonds, and other colorful necklaces might be the next thing for accessories. As loud as the decade gets, more and more pieces of jewelry are also into the size play. This means that the fewer clothes you wear, the bigger accessory you can use.

 3. Suit over tube

 This boyfriend-borrowed silhouette allows the sharp yet ecstatic feeling to come into play. Although considered to be “informal”, wearing only a tube inside an oversized suit can give you that sophisticated, breathable look you can bring any time of the day.

 4. Monochromatic

 Singularly-related colors in your whole fit are very much appreciated nowadays. This is not only limited during formal affairs but can also be effective in casual business attires. So if you are into wearing your themed autumn pieces, you may do so with confidence. This is also common in wearing vintage and grunge, as it deals with colors that are closely related to each other.

 5. Neon

 Cut the boring hues and pop out a little bit more. Neon was never gone, and it has been with your favorite Hollywood icons for years. Virgil Abloh had recently teamed up with big brands like Off-White and Nike to pull off some neon necessities for you to pick. These included sneakers and even paperclips. Who would have thought?

 6. More vintage

 The growth of vintage is highly in-demand today, now that vintage pieces can be easily found in many thrift shops and attic chests. This trend does not only promote cheap clothing choices, but it also allows the style to be reinvented. From single-stitched shirts to tumbled leather boots, having to mess with these pieces is just pretty exciting to do.

 7. Short waves and curls

 Now let’s go back up top. For this year’s hairdo advice, you cannot go out with a warm suit and a warm neck. Wearing light is very important in today’s style, and “short cuts” are the way to go. Although, incorporating a heavy statement piece can draw in the sophistication in your look. So, grab the vintage suit that you were talking about and let the fringes do the cooling.

 8. Utility wear

 Nothing speaks more “value-added” than wearing work clothes. Brands like Carhartt have been in the game for several years and have finally woken the senses of the people in utility wear. Aside from its functionality, this trend had surpassed the essential clothing that other brands showcase. It is because of its durability and the resale value over time.


 Having these emerging trends of clothing is revolutionary. It might be a rare case in the history of fashion that in one decade, a century of styles was compromised to fit in. But as a precaution, investing clothes in trend can deal differently with the future. Always think that delving into each trend can cost you more money because of obsolescence.

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