Friday , October 22 2021

Electro Galvanizing… a boon for automobiles, appliances and fasteners

After hot dip galvanizing, and cold galvanizing, let’s talk about electro galvanizing…

Electro galvanizing is the process in which a layer of Zinc is bonded to steel in order to protect against corrosion. This process involves electroplating i.e. running a current of electricity through a saline Zinc solution with a Zinc anode and a steel conductor. Similar to sheet galvanizing, the operation is continuous and the coating thickness is minimal. Applied in a steel mill, the steel sheets or strips are fed through entry equipment into a series of washes and then rinses them into the Zinc plating bath. The corrosion protection offered by the electrodeposited Zinc layer is primarily due to the anodic potential dissolution of Zinc versus iron (the substrate in most cases). Zinc acts as a sacrificial anode for protecting the iron/steel.

Zinc plating was developed and continues to evolve, to meet the most challenging corrosion protection, temperature and wear resistance requirements. The most common applications are for automobiles, appliance bodies and fasteners. The steel sheets can be coated by electro galvanizing one or both the sides. Due to their high corrosion resistance, electrogalvanized products are recommended for numerous applications especially in the automotive industry.

Unlike hot dip galvanizing, electroplated Zinc provides – Lower thickness deposits to achieve comparable performance; Broader conversion coating availability for increased performance & colour options; and brighter, more aesthetically appealing deposits.

Hindustan Zinc is India’s only and world’s leading Zinc-Lead-Silver Producer..

About The Author

Pavan Kaushik, Head – Corporate Communication, Hindustan Zinc

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