Sunday , December 5 2021

Banswara police nab notorious gangsters from Ratlam rly station

Udaipur : In a major success, Banswara police managed to arrest notorious gangsters Siraj Ahmed, his brother Imtiaz and aide Kashif, all accused of murdering two former Sadars in Banswara. These men had created much terror in the area for years and were involved in several cases of assault, extortion and threatenings, Banswara SP Kaluram Rawat told Udaipur Kiran.

On May 19, 2014 Siraj and his brother Imtiaz had murdered ex sadar Abu Lala and escaped to Pokhara in Nepal. In April 2015, in a most dramatic manner both of them returned to Banswara and surrendered before the police. They got bail however they jumped the bail and again escaped to Nepal.

On 7 October 2017, they conspired with their aide Kashif and got another ex sadar Sohrab Lala killed. A special team from Banswara went to Nepal in search of these men and apprised their criminal activities to the local police which assisted them to nab these men. However, the accused attacked the Nepal police on which they were arrested and jailed for four months.

Banswara police had stayed at the Indo-Nepal border at Sonali for 22 days to keep a vigil on their activities. The accused were to be released after the completion of their punishment term however when they came to know that Banswara police had been stationed at the border to arrest them, the gangsters moved an application in the Nepal court that they were incapable of paying the penalty imposed on them and hence their imprisonment was prolonged.

Some members of the Banswara team returned home but few had stayed back and so when the accused were ensured that the Banswara team had gone back, they paid the penalty and were released from jail on March 1. Meanwhile the Banswara police had been tipped from informers that the three men would take shelter at Jawar in Madhya Pradesh or Nashik in Maharshtra as they could not come to Rajasthan fearing arrest.

A special team kept watch on the trains and some plain clothed cops travelled in the Lucknow train that reached Ratlam railway station on Tuesday night.

Siraj, Imtiaz and Kashif were identified and as a team rounded them, the men attempted to take out loaded guns hidden inside their clothes. However, the cops were too quick and spoiled the encounter bid. The men were held who were brought to Banswara on Wednesday morning. ” This is a big achievement by our force because these gangsters had made life difficult for the commoners in the city and disrupted law and order with their anti social activities with the help of their network, people would sigh relief now ” Rawat said.

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