Monday , September 27 2021

5 Low Investment Ideas Business Idead with Good Profit

Starting your own business and managing is a difficult and overwhelming task, you have to look after aspect of it and make sure that your investment does not go to waste but at the same time, you get one of the world’s best feelings and that is not following the daily 9-5 office routine and you get to make all of your decisions by yourself. 

However, not everyone can fulfill their dream of running a business, and one of the biggest reasons why that is so is insufficient funds. Most people cannot afford to start and running a business. but several low investment business ideas required low investment and yield a good profit.

Here is a look at some of the low investment, good profit business ideas in India.


Dropshipping is a successful business idea that does not require much investment and also provides good profit. It is a retail fulfillment method where you open an online store but without storing anything. You don’t invest anything in inventory and start your business just by focusing on your online store.

The scenario in dropshipping is when your online store makes a sale, the product is purchased from a third-party supplier, and then directly shipped to the customer. You make a sale, pass the order onto a supplier, and then shipped directly to the customers. 

In drop shipping, you needn’t focus on buying a warehouse to store your inventory, you just need to focus on the marketing of your online store & customer service. To progress your business, you just need to make sure that you keep a check on marketing and customer service.

Online Food Business

The online food business is another profitable business idea that does not require much investment but takes quite some skills. If you are good at baking, you can consider starting an online bakery or if you are good at desi foods, you can also start an online desi food business. The thing about the online food business is that the investment is low but you need to be good at cooking for your business to flourish.

There are tons of fast-food restaurants available and you cannot compete with them single-handedly. A good idea nowadays is that you can start an online bakery but you need to be good at baking. It is a unique and profitable business idea. 

Sell an online service

It is becoming increasingly famous around the internet to sell online services. Not only is this a demanding business but if you’re skillful and you have a skill that is in demand then it can be profitable for you and useful for others.

Some popular online services include Writing, blogging, web designing, photography, fitness training, etc. They are skills around which you can start a business and provide your services to others. You can register yourself on various freelancing websites which will increase your chances of getting discovered. You can also use social media handles to help you get discovered. 

Online Fashion Brand

People are becoming more and more fashion-conscious. People have started focusing on their lifestyle and the fashion industry is on a surge nowadays. This industry is growing with every passing day and it is a good idea to start an online fashion brand. 

You don’t need to have a degree in fashion designing to start a fashion brand, you just need to have a good sense of fashion. You can make money by selling your sense of fashion and style online. It is very easy to start an online fashion brand, you can use the drop shipping method mentioned above or design everything yourself in-house. 

You can start an online brand for anything, from dresses to accessories and footwear to jewelry, you can build your online brand around any product. Just make sure that you don’t compromise on product quality. 

Social Media Agency

In this digital age of information and technology, every business and brand wants to promote and market its products online. These businesses and companies are willing to spend huge amounts on online marketing to attract customers. 

If you have knowledge about these things and how digital marketing works then you can start a social media agency to promote all the companies and brands who want to market their products online. You just need to have knowledge about these things and a few team members to start with.

If you are an Indian citizen then you can also try your luck in Lottery Business. The lottery market is a growing market and in India, it has gained popularity in recent years. There are various kinds of lotteries available in India such as Bodoland and Nagaland Lottery, etc. Dhankesari Hindi newspaper carries and circulates lottery results across West Bengal. Along with these lotteries, there are also Teer Lotteries available in India too and Teer Result are announced in just a few minutes after the game has been played.

These were some of the low investment, good profit business ideas that you can implement and start today. India is one of the world’s largest start-up centers and had over 1300 new start-ups in the Year 2019. These business ideas are good, they require very little investment and the profit is comparatively high as compared to the investment.

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