Why E-Scooter Price Shouldn’t be a Deciding Factor?

When you buy an electric scooter, what exactly is your mindset? For many, e-scooter price is the primary concern that affects their decision. This leads to them buying an e-scooter that is cheap, low-quality and does not perform for more than a year. Clearly, your money will go to waste! You need to invest in an electric scooter designed to give the best performance, highly durable and reliable in the long run. So, which electric scooter can you opt for, overlooking the e scooter price? That’s Bajaj Chetak for you!

The legendary Bajaj Chetak has entered the market with the all-new electric scooter. Equipped with all new technological advancements and features, the Bajaj Chetak electric scooter is way ahead of its competitors and is becoming a favourite amongst riders. Want to know more? Let us tell you everything there is to understand why the e scooter price should not be your deciding factor when you buy one!

What Makes Bajaj Chetak Worth Investing?

 This might be the key question that is popping up in your mind while reading this! What makes Bajaj Chetak worth the investment? There are numerous factors to talk about! Unlike its competitors, that looks like a plastic toy when compared to the infamous Bajaj Chetak!

The steel unibody makes the Bajaj Chetak one of the most durable electric scooters in the market. No matter the weather, season or external hazard, the electric scooter’s body will be unhinged, absorbing every challenge and coming out undefeated! This feature is worth paying extra money for, without a doubt!

Another feature that you won’t find anywhere or in any other electric scooter? The IP67 water resistance feature! The electric scooter can be submerged in the water for 30 minutes and will still be running perfectly fine. Suppose there’s heavy rain, and you are out of your house or in the office, and all you have is your electric scooter. Will you be keeping your electric scooter or rushing to reach your home? If you have a regular electric scooter, you might be busy worrying about how to save it from water! But not with the Bajaj Chetak!


When you have Bajaj Chetak, no matter the waterlogged streets or heavy rain, your e scooter will take on the responsibility to help you reach home! These two features alone make anyone forget about the e scooter price and just invest in the Bajaj Chetak!

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Additional Factors That Will Make You Forget About E Scooter Price

  1. With Bajaj Chetak E-Scooter, you can ride up to 90Kms. It is because of its 108 Km ARAI-certified range on a single charge. The Bajaj Chetak electric scooter has a Lithium-Ion battery of 50.4V 57.24Ah and an AUX battery of 12V 3Ah VRLA. All you need is a 230V, 5A, 50 Hz AC supply power source for hassle-free charging.
  2. Bajaj Chetak has designed its electric scooter keeping safety in focus. It includes advanced braking technology, whereas the Premium variant has Disc brakes in the front and Drum brakes in the rear with the combined braking system. Whereas for the Urbane version, there are Drum brakes in the front and rear with the combined braking system.
  3. Buying a Bajaj Chetak E scooter is not just about buying a mode of transportation. It is like adopting an innovative and smart form of transportation mode that seamlessly integrates sustainability, elegance and exceptional performance.
  4. Bajaj Chetak’s energy efficiency and minimal maintenance needs result in substantial long-term cost savings, making it a wise financial investment. So, when you buy a cheap electric scooter, your deciding factor being e scooter price, you miss out on all the factors that will help you save money in the long run.
  5. By choosing Bajaj Chetak, you actively contribute to lowering carbon footprint and having a good effect on the environment. Also, zero pollution!
  6. The Bajaj Chetak’s combination of power, range, and comfort takes your everyday commute and even weekend rides to a new level of fun.


The Bajaj Chetak E scooter is a remarkable testament to the fusion of innovative technology and timeless design. With its emission-free electric propulsion, intuitive features, and iconic aesthetics, it transforms urban commuting and reflects Bajaj’s commitment towards sustainable mobility solutions. The Bajaj Chetak E scooter is a statement of conscious and stylish mobility.

So, now that we have told you everything about the Bajaj Chetak electric scooter and why e scooter price should be the last thing to help you decide, you are all set! Visit your nearest Bajaj Chetak dealership and get your electric scooter today!

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