Saturday , October 23 2021

Mewar Royals demand withholding of certification, release of Padmavati

 ‘Letters sent to Modi, Central Board of Film Certification’

Udaipur : The protests over ‘Padmavati’ seems to intense with the Mewar Royal family now writing to the Prime Minister, union ministry of Information and Broadcasting and the Central Board of Film Certification, demanding to withhold the certificate and permission to release that is due for this month. In his letter to the authorities, Maharaj Kumar Vishvaraj Singh of Mewar said the film is about personages that are respected and revered and has all along been publicised by the makers as being well researched, factual and true to history.

“The film maker has relied upon Padmawat by Malik Mohd. Jayasi, however,  Malik Mohd. Jayasi was a Sufi poet and Padmawat is replete with poetic imagery, including that of a talking and thinking parrot.While it has used the names of real historical persons, the poem is widely interpreted as being about the union of atma and partmata with a rakshash also playing a part. The value of this allegorical work is in its poetry, which does not claim to be, nor is it regarded as, historically accurate”, Singh said.

The Royals also claimed that the song ‘Ghoomar’ and publicity material that has released establishes gross inaccuracies that transgress the limits of dramatic licence.” If the film professes to be history and its maker goes on record to claim that he has kept in mind cultural sensitivities, it is an artistic and historic fraud to portray an incorrectly attired courtesan-like painted doll in the song as the very “queen” the film purports to pay obeisance to. Every profession and attire has its correct place in civilized society and is respected as such; blurring lines by any one is asking for anarchy” the letter states. Singh also added that there have been only three ‘shakas’ and ‘jauhar’ in the 1400-year old recorded history of Mewar.

The IXth Grenadiers Mewar, a unit of the Indian army, also celebrates the date of the first ‘shaka’ and ‘jauhar’ as their Raising Day. If such important events and times are going to be depicted in such a manner, it is apparent that the makers have not understood the significance of their subject, he said. The Royal also condemned the use of their family name in the movie without seeking their permission. “It is personally a matter of disgust that the revered names of my ancestors have been dragged into such a standard Hindi film industry potboiler” VishvaRaj Singh wrote.

He further said that periods of warfare, including the period the film depicts, have always been against an aggressor in defence of Mewar, the rights and dignity of its populace. There has never been a communal divide, including at the time of Partition when no untoward incidents took place in Mewar. It is very likely that this sentiment will not find a place in the film and a communal angle being introduced or picked up on by vested interests may have an effect on the population at large.

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