Ayodhya man builds temple to worship UP CM Yogi

Ayodhya : A shrine dedicated to the worship of Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath appears to have emerged in Ayodhya district. Pictures from the temple in Bharatkund appear to show the CM as what can only be described as a incarnation of Lord Ram.

Ayodhya man builds temple to worship UP CM Yogi
Ayodhya man builds temple to worship UP CM Yogi

The person, Prabhakar Maurya, formally launched the Yogi Adityanath shrine in Purwa village in Ayodhya. Prabhakar is a devotional singer by profession, and sings for Jagratas in his area.

A statue of the saffron-clad BJP politician appears to emerge out a wall clutching a bow and arrows – a look eerily similar to Ram in the 1980s television series Ramayana. In addition, a yellowish halo surrounds the idol’s head.

Prabhakar described his 2015 promise to worship the one who builds the Ram temple in Ayodhya. A few years later, the Supreme Court issued its decision about the Ram temple. A huge Ram temple is now being built in Ayodhya. In order to fulfil the resolution, I constructed the Yogi temple,” he stated.

According to media reports, the shrine would cost roughly Rs 8.5 lakh to build. The shrine’s idol was specially ordered from Rajasthan.

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