Wednesday , October 20 2021

Gift Ideas That Can Sparkle Your Relationship

Be it your anniversary, her birthday, some big accomplishment or no reason at all. Selecting a gift for you girl can be a tough task sometimes, right? Sometimes she may like what you’ve got for her, other times; she may actually feel like exchanging it for something better. So here are a few ideas for giving her the ideal gift.

  1. Something handmade: well, all the ladies love it when their man takes some extra efforts in making something with their own hands. You can either write a small poem or express your love to your Madame by writing a love letter. This is something old school and a personal favourite of most women. You can also cook her nice meal and have a candlelight dinner at your place. Discover your creativity and artistic qualities by composing a song or making something for your partner. Prepare to hear an “aww” from her.
  2. Paw love: if you and your partner love animals, consider adopting a puppy or a kitten. Research says that couples tend to remain happier if they share their space with a pet.
  3. Romantic getaway: plan a trip for yourself and your partner to a fun, adventurous, romantic and peaceful place where you both can take a break from the daily routine and spend quality time with each other. From hill stations to coastal regions, from rural villages to the posh , choose a place that your partner has always been fond of. You can check different websites for a great deal and package.
  4. Jewelry: you can check out a pair of gold or pearl earring, or diamond pendant designs, or fancy anklets with your and her initials or necklaces for women, for that matter, any form of jewellery that your lady has an eye on. Choose the jewellery piece with great precision, when it comes to the metal or material (gold, silver platinum etc) and the design as well. It is always a good idea to ask your partner’s best friend or her sister to join in while buying.
  5. Investment: well, if you and your partner are quite future-oriented practical people, then taking insurances, or investing in SIPS or taking shares on your partners big bay could be an added bonus for you both, especially for the future.
  6. Re-visiting old times: walking down the memory lane by re-visiting places where you both first met, or the places where you both had special memories will rekindle the sparks of love between the two of you. It is always a good idea to go back to the roots, isn’t it?
  7. Vouchers: A lot of big brands and stores offer this option of gift coupons which you can present it for her. This is quite ideal if you are really busy, or if you partner is not really fond of your gifting taste. These vouchers can be used by your partner to buy whatever she likes and can save you from the trouble of hunting down for the perfect gift.
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