Tuesday , September 21 2021

Experts suggest plantation with an eye to conserve ‘Heritage Flora’

Udaipur : Monsoon is the time for new plantations, and indigenous varieties of plants are ideal. Such flora, and its dependent fauna, have a greater chance of survival than the exotic species. 

Raza H. Tehsin, naturalist and former Member of the Rajasthan Wildlife Advisory Board, has circulated a list of some of the indigenous varieties of flora of Southern Rajasthan. He has urged the district administration, forest department, voluntary organizations and naturelovers to plant trees from this list of indigenous plants. ” Urban households can plant several of these varieties outside their home or even in small gardens. Fauna such as Desi Babool, Chanbore, Bamboo etc. if planted on the artificial islands being developed in the lakes; these will be helpful in soil conservation and in forming ideal habitat for small and large birds and amphibians” the veteran said in a letter to Collector. 

Representatives of rural and urban local bodies should be included in indigenous plantation drive for greater involvement and impact, suggests Tehsin. He adds that interested agencies, in consultation with local people and botanists, might include more varieties of indigenous flora to the list. Forest department and others working on ecology and environment should make such saplings for plantation in the following rainy seasons.

Tehsin pointed out that some varieties of flora survive and other vanish in the process of natural selection. Such flora has greater chances of survival as it has adapted to the local soil and climate. This, in turn, creates habitat and provides food for local fauna ranging from insects to birds, animals and aquatic life forms. Overall, this has a positive effect and a rejuvenating impact on the ecological system.

Citing as an example the disappearance of Harial birds alongwith the demise of the trees around the Court area in Udaipur, Tehsin claimed that several species of insects in this region have become extinct before any scientific profiling. First, the destruction of indigenous flora in the rush for development, and then unscientific plantation drivessuch as that of Eucalyptus and Neemhave adversely affected the delicately balanced universe of living organisms in Southern Rajasthan. It is high time now that people and government come forward in a campaign mode to restore the floral heritage of this region of the Aravalis, one of the oldest mountain ranges of the world, he wrote. 

List of Indigenous Flora of South Raj

Trees : Desi Babool, Kallya Saras, Teemroo, Goolar, Jaamun, Ber, Keekar, Desi Aam, Gonda/Lasoda (Big and Small), Beel, Kotbadi, Imali, Khatmith (Big and Small), Bijora, Karna, Aamla, Molsari, Raayan, Karanj, Roonjha, Kher, Kadaya, Peepal, Bargad/Bad etc.

Bush : Chanbore, Karaunda etc.

Cactus : Thapadiya Thor (especially for fences) etc.

Grass : Bamboo etc.

Creeper : Kinkoda etc.

Aquatic plants

Lotus, Singhada, aquatic grass etc.

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