Friday , December 3 2021

4 Timeless and Ageless South Indian Bridal Necklace Designs

I was browsing through some old photo albums the other day. And I was just thinking how carefully these memories had been preserved. In today’s digital age, we just take our pictures and photographs so easily, so casually… And someone stores and preserves them all in a cloud somewhere! Sigh…

Coming back to the photographs. I picked up the album containing my grandmother’s wedding pictures. As I was going through the pictures, it struck me that some gold jewellery designs had not changed in the last 100 years! Not just gold jewellery, but diamond jewellery as well. Especially the necklace designs. I found that my grandmother, her mother, her mother-in-law, and the several other ladies in the pictures wore necklaces that were not too different from what I saw in stores and online just a month ago, when I was shopping for my granddaughter’s jewellery!

Yes. We are talking about more than six generations here!! Diamond necklace designs and gold necklace designs in that ancient photo album looked fresh, and very current. That’s when I discovered that there are some necklace designs that are forever. Timeless, ageless, perennial favourites that’ll never go out of vogue.

I list them here:

1. Gutta Pusalu

The gutta pusalu is a famous heritage necklace design from Andhra Pradesh. Pusalu means beads, and gutta is a shoal of small fish. It is so called because it is fringed with clusters of small pearl beads that look very much like shoal of little fish. The design is believed to have originated in areas near the ancient pearl fisheries along the Coromandel coast. Gutta pusalu necklaces are usually made of gold and set with rubies, emeralds and diamonds, with bunches of small pearls adorning the fringe of the necklace. The accents, length and weight of the necklace may vary, but the basis is the same.

Bollywood actor Sonam Kapoor, who is known for her fashion sense, wore a long gutta pusalu for her wedding!!

2. Kemp Stones Temple Necklaces

Kemp jewellery, or temple jewellery as it is now known, was first seen on idols in temples. It is now popular at weddings, special occasions and with everyone who has a fine aesthetic sense. Kemp stones are uncut polished stones, typically in red and green. Kemp necklaces, which come in a variety of accents and lengths, are painstakingly crafted in gold, after which the kempu stones and pearls are set in place.

A very popular version of this is multiple strands of smooth and shiny pearls with a kempu stone studded large pendant. Making of Kempu temple jewellery is an art, and originated in Vadaserry, in the Nagercoil District of Tamil Nadu.  

3. Kasulaperu or Kasu Malai

The Kasulaperu, the Telugu name for what is known as Kasu Malai in Tamil Nadu, is a necklace constructed using gold coins on which are embossed figurines of Gods and Goddesses. The most commonly seen is Goddess Lakshmi, who is seen as a symbol of beauty, prosperity, good luck and abundance. Some coins also have on them the Ram Parivar namely- Lord Rama, Sita and Lakshman.

The origin of the kasulaperu dates back to the Vedic period. There is a mention of it in Rig Veda. It can also be seen in sculptures and stone carvings found in ancient South Indian temples. The kasulaperu can be a choker, a short necklace or a long one. It can also have more than one layer.

The more modern versions of this traditional ornament see it in combination with precious and semi-precious stones. There are also kasulaperu patterns with elaborate pendants found in gold necklace designs as well as diamond necklace designs.

4. Mamidi Pindela or The Manga Malai

Pretty mango shaped motifs are the distinctive accents in the mamidi pindela haram, another timeless classic. Known as manga malai in Tamil, these are loved by women of all ages, and they look divine on a beautiful bride. The mango tree is considered a symbol of fertility and longevity. The mango motifs symbolize life, perfection and eternity. These necklaces can also be of various lengths, and can be in combination with gems, precious and semi-precious stones.

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