Thursday , April 22 2021
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Youth, women, divyangs – all come out to vote in phase I of LS polls

Women from all over the country were seen in the long queues since the morning.

These women made their presence felt, celebrating the festival of democracy.

The Election Commission had also set up pink booths for women. 

The active participation of half of country’s population in electoral exercise indicated their desire to see India a prosperous and powerful nation. 

The elderly too used their voting rights enthusiastically in the first phase of polls. Though, age creates many problems and hurdles in everyday life for such people, but the importance of casting vote in democracy gave them the strength to overcome those problems.

Even though, they may have crossed 100, but their sense of responsibilities and their enthusiasm is the source of inspiration for others. 

Divyang voters were not far behind either in first phase polls. The Election Commission had made special arrangements for these voters. The scout guide helped differently-abled (Diyaang) voters, providing them wheelchairs so that they can reach polling booths to cast their votes.

The enthusiasm of these divyang voters forced everyone to think and realise the importance of voting rights.

Adding some colour to the dance of democracy was this groom who went to cast his vote at a polling station wearing his wedding attire. The bridegroom voted at Booth No. 71 of Bijnor Lok Sabha constituency, Jalilpur.

The world’s smallest woman Jyoti Amge also voted in Nagpur.

While in Chandrapur in Maharashtra transgender voters used their voting rights. 

These people realise the importance of voting. They know what they want, for themselves, for their society, for today and for better tomorrow. 

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