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Young man in Hyderabad spends his time and money feeding orphans

Very few people actually think of social service while being upwardly mobile, and also having youth on their side.

But young Khwaja Moeedin of Hyderabad gave up a well paid corporate job where he was earning  lakhs of rupees to do social service.

Khwaja Moiddin has an MBA degree, and depsite his good job, didn’t find the satisfaction he desired. He found this satisfaction when he started a feeding program for hungry and orphaned children.

He found spiritual satisfaction. He would go to work every day wondering what good his work was doing for society. When he started feeding hungry children, his life found new meaning.

Later his friends Srinath Reddy and Bhagat also joined in.

The three friends run a YouTube channel called ‘Nawabs Kitchen for All Orphans’. Their stories of service are motivating people.The three friends set out everyday with big pots of food, that they feed poor street children with.

They feed orphans in orphanages of Hyderabad. Whatever income they get from their YouTube channel is channelised towards their feeding program.

But their real income comes from the smiles on the faces of the little children they feed every day.

People are career driven, and work really hard for a livelihood but this story tells us of a different drive quitting one’s corporate job to feed the hungry  is a truly an amazing act of true humanity in our otherwise dark society.

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