Wednesday , April 21 2021
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Young Entrepreneur makes debut with Low Cost Solar Dryer

Solar Dryer is a piece of equipment which is used for drying produce like tomatoes and peas. It uses solar power not only to dry up produce but also helps the environment. 

Most of the solar dryers available in the market are expensive and high capacity out of reach of small and marginal farmers. Now Indore based young mechical engineer Varun Raheja had designed a solar dryer which also costs lesser but does the job of drying up crops equally well.

Varun changed the design of the dryer to make it more cost-effective. He mostly used those spare parts which are easily available in the market.

Varun’s smaller solar dryer has also made it possible for those staying here to start a small business or to give it some push.

Clearly, a small innovation carried out by Varun has led to awareness in the village. Be it with roads, education and health clinics, Varun’s message favouring solar energy is travelling far and wide.

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