Sunday , April 18 2021
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Wuhan Communist Party Secretary says Wuhan should have taken stronger measures before coronavirus spread

In an interview to state television CCTV, he said “I feel ashamed of myself. Should we have taken strong measure earlier, the situation will be much better,”.

The city’s leadership has been faulted on social media for disclosing the outbreak too late, which led to an over-optimistic estimation from experts analyzing the coronavirus. He added that “The coronavirus spread to other provinces and countries, partly due to our indecisiveness,” he added.

On Medical equipment supply in Wuhan, he said, it is now under a “dynamic balance,” but “We cannot guarantee the supply is enough at all moments,”.

He called for more support saying that more doctors and nurses are still desperately needed. More than 30 airlines have either suspended or reduced their flights to china and many companies have closed their offices till further notice. Meanwhile US has declared the coronavirus a public health emergency and ordered a temporary suspension of entry to people who pose a risk of transmitting the virus.

The U.S will also limit flights from China to seven U.S. airports. Following the suit, UK has also advised its citizens against all travels to Wuhan and all but essential travel to rest of Mainland China (excluding Hong Kong and Macau). Singapore has also made a similar announcement.

Prasar Bharati Special Correspondent reports that China continues to reel under new coronavirus infection which has infected around 11821 people in China and at least 125 in around two dozen other countries.

Death Toll is 259 which is all in China and 243 patients have recovered. There are about 18000 suspected cases. Health experts have warned of the risk of reinfection for the recovered. Over all situation remains grim and complicated.

As the demand for medical supplies keeps increasing many Chinese abroad are pitching in by buying protection suits and masks and sending them to Wuhan. The National Medical Products Administration has sent teams to different areas of the country to supervise the production of the medical protective clothing and to better monitor the quality of medical devices used for the prevention and control.

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