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World’s brightest young minds come together for Robotics Olympics

This international competition aims to ignite youth passion for science, technology, engineering and mathematics in the field of robotics.

International teams made up of 14 to 18 year olds are competing in a series of games that show off the prowess of their robotic creations.

The best robots are selected by judges based on the skills they can perform during the initial rounds.

“The power of technology, the power of innovation is what is driving successful countries. But it’s also what is frustrating, the have-nots. We all talk about the digital divide and the haves and the have-nots, well if we can convince all kids around the world that they’ve got to embrace technology, then the have-nots and the haves are going to come together and they’ll share and they’ll work together. And that is what First Global is about,” Founder of first global robotics competiton, Dean Kamen said. 

But this event is not just about crowning a winner. The theme of the Mexico event is ‘Energy Impact’, with teams expected to display methods for energy conservation during the tournament.

The First Global Robotics Olympics wraps up in Mexico on Saturday (August 18).

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