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World Record Holder Naman Tyagi, Founder and CEO of Weddopedia and Fashiopedia, is now helping poor peoples during COVID-19 pandemic

Naman Tyagi, Founder & CEO of Weddopedia & Fashiopedia is a 24-year-old World Record Holder, Entrepreneur, Social Activist, Author and an Engineer who is in many news for spreading social awareness to millions of peoples threw is social media. Naman belongs to a traditional Brahman family. His parents – Mr. Pavan Kumar Tyagi & Mrs. Babita Tyagi works as a government teacher and his siblings Neha Tyagi.

During lockdown when everyone was donating some amount to PM fund or NGOs and was putting that transition slip as their Whatsapp and Facebook status, at that time Naman understands the importance of spreading awareness and knowledge to make people understand what this COVID and social distancing are.

As there is no medical treatment yet only proper knowledge will save a life. 
At that time Naman decided to spend his little contribution to aware peoples.

Soon this campaign reaches millions of peoples and is recognized by some organizations and converts into a world record. 

Because of the lockdown extension, the poor workers were locked in their working cities with no money left, they lost their jobs their day to day earnings. All the public transport services were discontinued the only option left with them is to walk on foot for long distances to reach their village home. This is a tough time for all but these poor workers are in an enormous problem. 
Naman understands their pain & decides to devote his remaining savings and start helping poor migrant laborers who don’t have money food clothes even don’t have slippers with them.

Naman helps them by providing them some resources and food so that they will at least reach their home.
Naman didn’t take any funds from NGOs or from any organization he is using his skills and funds want to help the government for spreading awareness.
Naman as an activist helps the people in solving and coping with the problems in their everyday lives. He has worked in several areas uplifting & bringing forward some of the social issues that society needs to be aware of.

For all his efforts & achievements, he is receiving great support from lakhs of people all over India, as a result of which he is now connected to more than 30 lakhs people on all his website & social accounts and the number is increasing every day.

For this, he is a World Record Holder and received 10 plus State & National awards & certificates including ‘Karamveer Chakra’ from ‘United Nations’ in association with ‘IIT Delhi’.
According to him ‘A small change can bring a large difference’.

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