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Woman hangs hundreds of face masks on tree for her community

A woman in Iowa is using her gift of sewing to help others protect themselves amid the coronavirus pandemic.

In late March, Deb Siggins jumped into action and started sewing masks for health care workers after a local hospital, UnityPoint St. Luke’s, disclosed that they were experiencing a mask shortage, as per sources.

Around that time, Siggins, 55, said other people started to express interest in her designs, so she decided to make them available to her community at no cost through a tree outside her home.

“It was hard to reach everybody so I just put on Facebook that I had a mask tree,” the Lisbon resident, who works at a doctor’s office, explained to the outlet. “I’m a giver, not a taker, so I feel really good.”

Siggins’ mask-making journey began after she received an inspirational message from her pastor.

“One of the messages from our pastors was ‘Use your gifts in a way that will help others during all of this,’” she recalled in a recent video interview. “So my gift is sewing, [and] I’m using that gift.”

Siggins initially set out to create 100 masks for the hospital staff at St. Luke’s. She quickly reached that goal and then started to realize that others were asking for them, which prompted her to keep going.

She has since made close to 600 masks, but was forced to get creative in order to distribute them to her community, she explained in her video interview.

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