Thursday , December 2 2021

Wishing You a Very Happy Diwali, Here is a Mouth Watering Shahi-Tukda Recipe for You



Every Indian festival is made up of few key elements – shopping, decoration of the house, more shopping and of course delicious festive staples. Anchored by mouthwatering food, any festive occasion is incomplete with some muh meetha with our traditional Indian homemade sweets.


So, this Diwali, when you are surrounded by friends and family, with prayers and good wishes filling the air, let the crispy-soft Shahi Tukdas take care of your that sweet craving.


Check out the recipe

Cooking Time: 12 minutes | Serving: 250-300 grams



Bread Slice: 4

Condensed milk: 150 ml

Milk: 100 ml

Sugar: 4 Tablespoon

Almond: Pista pieces

Saffron & cardamom powder: 1 Teaspoon


Cooking Method

  1. Arrange bread slice on high rack and cook
  2. When beep, turn slice and press start
  3. After done add condensed milk, sugar, dry fruits, saffron, cardamom powder
  4. Mix well and pour the mixture on slice
  5. Serve hot


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