Will Smith wins Best Actor, but will LAPD spare him

Los Angeles, March 28 : Will Smith won big at the 94th Academy Awards here, beating other nominees Denzel Washington, Benedict Cumberbatch, Javier Bardem and Andrew Garfield for his portrayal of the famous Williams family head in “King Richard”. However, that was only after he physically smacked presenter Chris Rock on the head for cracking jokes about his wife during the Sunday night event at the Dolby Theatres. Smith, went up on stage just to put the message across, as Rock body-shamed the “Aladdin” actor’s wife Jada Pinkett Smith. The clip was apparently not viewed by US audiences, but was broadcast in Japan and Australia, from where it went viral. International media reported LAPD has not ruled out action, but have said they have no idea what has happened and will take a call accordingly, even as fans fumed at the actor’s “over reaction”, as they called it. It almost turned out to be the night’s striking moment as Smith’s action went viral after he appeared to slap Chris Rock for making the ill-advised joke about his wife Jada Pinkett’s alopecia. Rock joked that she was set to make GI Jane 2 next, which led Smith to rush up on stage and try to hit Rock. Smith then told him not to use his wife’s name. Smith was then calmed down by Denzel Washington and Tyler Perry. During his tearful acceptance speech towards the Academy, Smith rambled it appeared a bit to take the shin off his earlier act on stage. He likened himself to Richard Williams, as someone who also protects the women in his life. Not surprisingly, the moment was not lost and the live audience, co artists were clapping. There was even a standing ovation. In tears, Will Smith called Richard Williams a “protector of his family”. He used the word “protect” a lot in a very pointed way. “I’m being called on in my life to love people and to protect people, and to be a river to my people,” he says. “You’ve got to be able to take abuse, you’ve got to smile and pretend like that’s OK.” He mentioned what Denzel Washington told to him after the punch: “At your highest, that’s when the devil comes for you”. Smith apologised to the Academy, and to his fellow nominees. “Love will make you do crazy things,” he said during his long speech, as Serna and Venus Williams also cheered the actor. Everyone was shocked though by his action. King Richard is the 2021 American biopic sports drama directed by Reinaldo Marcus Green and written by Zach Baylin. It followed the life of Richard Williams, the father and coach of famed tennis players Venus and Serena Williams, who were executive producers of the film. ING

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