Why Bitcoin is a great way to deposit to play Aviator

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When it comes to playing at online casinos we’re all used to seeing a similar set of games. There will nearly always be a great selection of slots. These all come with different themes, differing paylines, and layouts. Then we have the classics such as roulette, poker, and blackjack. These are games that are loved the world over, but every now and then it is great to experience something new.

With Aviator there isn’t a payline in sight. There are no cards, no tables and no wheels. Aviator offers a brand new online casino experience and one that is growing in popularity. With a new game, people are also considering newer payments methods and Bitcoin and Aviator are the perfect match.

What actually is Aviator?

The Aviator betting game is inspired by video games of old and brings a new and exciting experience to online casinos. Rather than mastering complex strategies, as you would with the likes of poker, this is a game that is all about simplicity. As the name may suggest, the game is centred on flying.

As the plane takes off it could crash at any given moment. Players place their bets and then look to cash out before the inevitable crash, or before the plane flies out of sight. The game really is as simple as it gets and this is part of the reason that it is so loved.

Instant payouts

Aviator is a fast-paced game. Bets are placed quickly and the decision to cash out has to be made in a split second. This is what makes the game quite so exciting. Imagine the thrill of a win though, only to find that you will have to wait days before you can access your winnings! Bitcoin avoids this issue.

With Bitcoin, players can see payouts being made in an instant. The way that this crypto is instantaneous is what makes it the ideal currency to use for this game. There is a perfect blend of speed and excitement

Bitcoin was made for online casinos

Well, perhaps that statement isn’t strictly true, but it certainly makes sense that Bitcoin should be used at online casinos. After all, Bitcoin is all about the internet and is there to be used online. When you consider blockchain technology, it becomes even more apparent that players should be using Bitcoin, and even other cryptocurrencies.

Bitcoin, and the blockchain, also mean that players who are depositing and withdrawing funds on the Aviator game have the very best in security. Those split-second wins see all funds being kept safe and secure.

Low transaction fees

Playing Aviator sees multiple chances of winning. The last thing that any player wants is to win, withdraw and be hit with a fee. There is a chance that this could be repeated numerous times while playing. Using Bitcoin sees these fees being kept to a minimum so it is the best currency to use to play this game.

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