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Wednesday , November 22 2017
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When a girl killed her boyfriend just to get love from another girl, watch video

New Delhi: Dollywood is becoming advanced. In the history of Dollywood, Moxx Music has first time brought out a music video a bizarre love story of 2 lesbian girls beyond the usual straight love stories. ‘Yaara Ve’ is a revolution in the music industry wherein video has been made on a different concept of homosexual love. In this music video, the tale revolves around 2 lesbian girls played by Ajita Jha and Megha Verma. Karan has played opposite to Megha in the video. People are always inquisitor about the subject of gay, lesbians and same sex love. This video has complete masala of entertainment for the audiences.

Head of Moxx Music Company, Raj Mahajan has conceptualized the music video and worked on it. Raj is known for working on different subject and working on the subjects differently. Music Director & Producer Raj says, “This music video is quite different from the existing ones produced by us. Viewers will see something new and different. I hope this strange lesbian love story will be liked and appreciated by the audiences. Being Lesbian or Gay is quite natural and society should accept it. They should not be discriminated”

Most of the people know and understand the straight love stories between the people of opposite sex. But, love stories within same sex are not accepted and looked as Taboo in the Society. Although, many directors have picturised on this subject of LGBT in Bollywood. But, it is first time when it has been filmed on the subject in Dollywood.


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