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Water conservation was close to people’s heart even before `Mann Ki Baat’: PM Modi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday shared his thoughts with the people in the country and abroad in his radio programme Mann Ki Baat.

In the second episode of ‘Mann Ki Baat’ 2.0, Prime Minister Narendra Modi stressed upon the importance of water conservation.

He said new Initiatives are being undertaken throughout the country to save water. He appreciated the efforts taken by the state Governments, NGOs and media on the issue.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi in his second edition of monthly radio programme Mann Ki Baat spoke extensively on the burning issue of Water conservation.

PM Modi highlighted the participation of every section of society in the movement for water conservation and said that new and effective initiatives are being undertaken throughout the country by NGOs, government and media.

He also expressed his happiness to see the strength of collective efforts of people. Prime Minister lauded the state of Haryana for encouraging farmers to adopt less water intensive crops and congratulated the state of Meghalaya for being the first state to adopt a Water policy.

As part of the campaign, Prime Minister, also appealed to all to use upcoming festivals to raise awareness about water conservation. PM Modi stressed that not only policies but also public awareness is crucial for water conservation while adding that every human should understand the importance of water and should work to conserve it.

Through Mann ki Baat, Prime Minister highlighted that conserving water is an important part of the legacy we leave for our future generations and part of our responsibilities towards them.


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