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Vivek Singh – One of the talented and Brightest Mind in Business

We will talk about a person today who thinks “Entrepreneurial Journey doesn’t stop when we reach a destination. It simply motivates us to move ahead a little farther, and take a sneak peek of something new.

This is where a new start begins and this is how one must keep moving ahead.”
Vivek Singh the Director (partner) at RedLake hails from Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh. It is rightly said if you have passion, dedication, and willingness to achieve something then you are not far from your destination. It took him 8 long years to reach out to his dream and living it right now. Mr. Singh always follows what his heart says and it says always does something that will make you happy. Work on the job that you love and trust me not even a single day you will have to work.

You think this is difficult to live your dreams, nope not at all as Vivek Singh says.
He is the CEO and co-founder of RedLake. He is a person who believes in hard work and smart work. He is an entrepreneur from the heart and he knows his business well. He is well versed in Hosting Services, PHP, C++, Google Cloud Platform, AWS, Web Design, Web Development, App Development, Server Management, Content Writing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and Social Media Marketing (SMM). These are the services that are provided by RedLake, which is a web hosting company focusing on Digital Marketing too.
He loves people around him even if he has achieved whatever he has desired.

As we know it is of utter importance to be rooted to the ground and whenever you meet this young successful entrepreneur, you will know these are not just mere words. Vivek Singh, also the Co-Founder of Vaibhab Vivek Electricals, is a gem of a person. He has achieved a lot as an entrepreneur. He was a finalist in SIH 2018 and Runner up in the Entrepreneurship Challenge held in Indore (2017). This entrepreneurial mind person is a real talented mind who has taken his steps forward to serve young minds in and around him.

He is a dedicated person due to which he has received offers to be a part of some of the government initiatives like MHRD & PWD. These organizations ensure better functioning of the attendance systems in large corporate houses. Not just this, he was also offered a partnership at the company he was working for, this says, he is one of a kind and he never fails to inspire young minds.
“For me being or holding such titles like Founder, CEO, it was hard to manage at first. The decisions I made every step of the way sent a chill down but what motivated me was hope, hope for a better tomorrow, and to serve many customers who are out there waiting for new ideas and new patterns to reach their lives. The best part is I was not alone and me with my members with the trust and hard work, we made sure to be responsible for the task allotted and to report for every work timely.” Says Vivek Singh – Co-founder at RedLake.

Mr. Singh holds an opinion that growth can remain constant only is you have the right patterned skill. However tough the road was he never failed to achieve what he had intended to do and made his colleagues do the same. He not only pushed them through tough roads but also supported as a leader so that team knows that they have a back to support whenever they are facing difficulties. We can’t stop saying about him. He is a talented mind ready to serve his country the best he could.

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