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Wednesday , January 17 2018
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Viral Sach: Truth behind car daubed with Rs 2000 notes on V-Day exposed

Mumbai: Picture of a car covered with ‘Rs 2000’ notes has been creating a lot of buzz on the social media, where it was being claimed that the car was gifted to a girl by her boyfriend on the occasion of Valentines’ day which fell on Tuesday.


The car which can be clearly seen in the picture has been completely covered with notes and also has a huge heart on the bonnet of the car.


The car also had Zap written on three of its windows.


Considering the ripples that were created on the social media because of the viral picture of the car; ABP News went into the details to find the truth behind the rumored boy and his girlfriend.

ABP News Image

ABP News Image

On investigating, it was found that the car belonged to Pune and the owner of the car was Zoom car Pvt Ltd. For further investigation, ABP News contacted Zoom cars in Pune and came across the car which was getting popular on social media.


Later it was also found that the Rs 2000 notes were fake and was a promotional activity by Zoom cars.


On speaking to the company employees, it was found that the company was offering cash back of Rs 14,000 to anyone who can spot 6 different looking notes on the car in 1 minute.


Hence, the story behind the ‘fictitious man and his girlfriend’ have been proved to be false.


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