Monday , July 13 2020
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Villagers race ox-carts ahead of Khmer New Year

“We hold the event to promote ox cart racing, as well as local tourism and agriculture. The proceeds from tickets also help support the poorest children in the village,” said Pok Saoly, one of the race organisers.

The tradition of ox-cart racing began in the village a long time ago, but was lost during the Khmer Rouge regime, according to Pok Saoly, one of the race’s organisers.

The sport has seen a resurgence since 2007, he said.

The Prey Ta Ouk race is held twice a year, once to celebrate the January harvest and once a few days before Khmer new year.

It has become so popular that organisers hope to hold more races throughout the year.

They also expect that racing will someday reach all Cambodians on television like other sports.

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