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Vanshika Verma Khare: Bagging the ‘Bestseller’ title for her music books on Amazon.

The lady that we are talking about today is a bit of both the categories. Vanshika Verma Khare had a tough but a fun-filled childhood where the family took her from one place to another due to the railway job her late father Krishna Kumar Verma had. But, this somehow made her more adjusting to the situations life threw at her & so when a proposal for marriage came for her from Mr Abhinav Khare, an IPS officer, she accepted it even after knowing that it would require them to hop from city to city.

Her journey to giving the biggest e-commerce company, Amazon, its bestselling music books is also an interesting one for people to know. Starting right from pursuing engineering from MIT Pune in Information Technology & simultaneously preparing for CAT, to doing a corporate job at HCL for 6 months before getting married & deciding to complete her M Tech from Mysore & then finally turning out to be a writer is what Vanshika’s journey has been so far.

Vanshika in school too was a brilliant & bright student always taking part in various competitions like chess, table tennis, dancing, acting & many other activities & also excelling at it.

Apart from all the degrees she achieved & the dedication to keep doing something in life, Vanshika even became a part of the organising committee in ROBOCON in the year 2006 & 2007. Moreover, she also did a PG Diploma course in VASTU. Vanshika always had a keen interest in playing keyboard as she learnt the art from her late father, which remains her dearest hobby as admitted by her.

Life took a turn for her the day she met a group of people in Mysore while she was pregnant. People there tried to learn the keyboard using staff notations from books that were extremely difficult to understand especially for a complete newbie. And, Vanshika, an already learned keyboard player, decided to write & curate music books for people that would make people learn the instrument effortlessly.

What is even more interesting about her books “Playing Keyboard Made Easy Volume 1” & Volume 2 is that it uses scientific pitch notation system using keys like C,D,E,F,G,A,B & do not make use of any problematic staff notations. Even the Internet doesn’t offer any song notations or chords in the scientific pitch notation system which makes Vanshika’s books one of its kinds. Her books have an elaborate list of Hindi songs of both the old & the new & also have a bit of theory for readers to understand the technicalities of the instrument. 

Her books gained so much popularity from people all around including many celebs like Nagoor Babu, Zayed Khan & so many others that soon both her music books became the “Bestseller” on Amazon. Plus, the third edition of her music book has already been published on amazon.com & soon the new book will also get available on amazon.in & Flipkart.

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