Tuesday , April 20 2021
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United Kingdom wants lower trade barriers from United States

The British Prime Minister spoke to US President Donald Trump on call about opening up of parts of the US economy to British firms. The two leaders spoke at Biarritz, ahead of the meeting of world leaders.

Boris Johnson arrived for the G7 summit and will hold bilateral talks with Trump on Sunday. He will be making his debut on the world stage at the summit, while the Brexit withdrawal deal with the Europian Union remains elusive.

The British Prime Minister demands tariffs on a wide range of markets such as fabric, cars, railway carriages, cauliflowers, insurance,wine and rulers. He said that, there is a massive opportunity for Britain companies to open up. And there remains very considerable barriers in the US to British businesses which are not widely understood.

He also added that, there is a massive opportunities for UK companies to open up and they intend to seize those opportunities.

The meeting of these two leaders is expected to result in more positive talk about trade deals.

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