Sunday , April 11 2021
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UNDP aims at recycling plastic waste

The consumption of plastic is increasing at an alarming rate. And this urges the government and industries, communities and individuals to come together and explore sustainable alternatives. This also led the Narendra Modi government to aim at eliminating all single use plastic by 2022.

The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in association with private organizations has taken up the task of recycling plastic waste. The UNDP has also ensured that the programme brings together a huge informal sector of the waste collectors and provide them good remuneration for the task.

The partnership is encouraging plastic waste management practices in India through collection, segregation and recycling.

Plastic disposed off on land degrades slowly and its chemicals leach into the surroundings. Drinking water samples have also revealed to have micro plastic concentrations, so there is a major need for projects of plastic waste management to take over this menace.

The plastic waste management programme of the UNDP, collects waste and then processes it to make tiles, sheets, benches and many more things. In fact a large amount of waste plastics are also given out for road constructions.

Enabling an environment, which prioritizes the importance of recycling and recovery of waste is important. Several countries across the globe are acting on cutting down plastic, it is also important for economies and citizens to ensure that our material growth is not at the cost of environment.

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