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Wednesday , January 17 2018
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Udaipur wonder kid launch mobile app to share books

Udaipur : This eight grader is a no common boy. His first android application is already in use in over 180 countries and within 2.5 months of the first launch, here is Daksh Aggrawal-a 13-year old student of St. Paul’s School who on Monday,  launched his second android application ‘Share Books’. Collector Rohit Gupta launched the app which is aimed to help the poor students in getting books free of cost.

“The idea struck to me suddenly when I noticed pile of books in my home which was not useful to us. Instead of giving it away to ‘raddiwalas’, I thought of developing an application through which any needy person could get to know of their availability at zero cost” Daksh told Udaipur Kiran. The application is available on google play store which is downloadable free of cost. Anyone can upload details of the books they possess which they do not require and thus those who are in need of them could find them there. “ Daksh had been inquisitive since childhood and would spend lot of time surfing on the internet and gadgets. He showed keen interest in decoding languages and gradually developed his first android app ‘ My share’ in November last” Daksh’s father Amit said. His application was featured during a learner’s carnival organized at his school. ‘My share’ is a tool to keep record of common expenses occurred during group trips. It is beneficial for students who share common rooms and share monthly expenses while living together in hostels or guest homes. In appreciation to his skill, the boy was felicitated at the district level recently on the republic day function.


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