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U.S. COVID-19 death toll exceeds 180,000

The U.S. case count rose to 5,860,397, with the national death toll reaching 180,527 as of 20:25 Eastern Standard Time, according to the CSSE.

The state of New York recorded over 32,000 fatalities, topping the U.S. state-level death toll list. New Jersey reported the country’s second largest death toll of nearly 16,000. The states of California, Texas and Florida all confirmed more than 10,000 deaths, the tally showed.

States with more than 7,000 fatalities also include Massachusetts, Illinois and Pennsylvania.

The United States remains the worst-hit nation with the most cases and deaths, making up more than 20 percent of the global death toll.

As COVID-19 shutdowns rippled through the workforce, the initial jobless claims in the United States last week totaled above one million for the second straight week, painting a gloomy outlook for the recovery of a labor market.

In the week ending Aug. 22, the number of Americans filing for unemployment benefits decreased by 98,000, but it was still more than one million, the Labor Department said in a report. It’s the 22nd time in the past 23 weeks that the figure came in above one million.

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