Sunday , April 11 2021
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Two more corona virus cases confirmed: Health Minister Dr. Harshvardhan

With this five cases of Coronavirus have been confirmed in the country out of which three of the earlier have tested negative after treatment.

The health minister said that 21 airports , 12 seaports and 65 minor seaports are screening the passengers arriving from 12 nations including Iran, Italy and South Korea.

Centre has further advised people to refrain from travelling to Iran, Italy and South Korea and Singapore. 
Govt is also closely monitroring the situation. The embassies in the countries are in touch with the authorities.

Meanwhile, mainland China reported the biggest daily rise in coronavirus cases since February 22 on Sunday as more infections emerged among prison inmates in the epicenter of the outbreak Hubei, but officials emphasized the overall situation continues to improve.

Coronavirus outbreak that began in China has infected over 88,000 people globally and caused 3,000 deaths.

A total of 2,870 people have died from the outbreak in mainland China and 79,824 have been infected by the virus.

Chinese officials have reiterated that efforts to curb the outbreak are achieving positive results.

The most affected countries after China are South Korea where over 4,000 cases have been reported with 22 deaths, Italy where 1,694 cases have been reported with 34 deaths, Iran where 978 cases have been reported with 54 deaths and Japan where 239 cases have been reported with 12 deaths.

Earlier , External Affairs Minister Dr. S. Jaishankar assured that the government is working on the issue of Indians in Iran anxious to return due to #COVID19. 
In a tweet he mentioned having seen many tweets in this regard. 

He said that the government is collaborating with the Iranian authorities to set up a screening process for return of Indians. 

He added that India’s ambassador to Iran Dhamu Gaddam has been asked to keep all those concerned updated of the progress. The minister assured that he is tracking the entire situation personally.

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