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Turkey ends state of emergency after two years

Under the state of emergency, tens of thousands of people were arrested or dismissed from their jobs.

However, the government has decided against extending it again after seven three-month renewals.

The decision comes weeks after President Recep Tayyip Erdogan won re-election. During the campaign, opposition candidates said that the first thing they would do if they won would be to end the state of emergency.

Tueky declared a state of emergency in 2016,  following a coup attempt by Fetullah Terrorist Organization (FTO). The FTO launched several attacks which left 250 people dead and nearly 2, 200 injured.

In April, the government had extended the ongoing emergency for three months until June.

Even the parliament passed a bill for early elections on June 24, which was touted to be a move for strengthening the democratic presidential system. 

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