Friday , September 24 2021

Tubular, Gel Based, Flat Plate: Which is The Best Battery for Inverter


With power cuts happening more and more often, the daily lifestyle of normal people are becoming more difficult. There are many places in the country where power cuts happen too frequently. Also, due to seasonal storms and bad weather, the electric supply often gets interrupted. As a result, inverters are becoming an important part of the household, as these can provide backup power in times of such power cuts or electrical faults.

With most people going for an inverter for their home, the varieties of inverters also need to be checked out. Usually, in an inverter, the battery is the most important part. This is because the battery stores the electrical energy and provides it as a backup when power cuts occur. As a result, inverters with different battery types have come up. However, before buying an inverter, you should know which the best battery for inverter is, or which battery type suits your need the best.



Types of Inverter Batteries

Usually, the batteries of the inverters are of three types. There are tubular, gel-based, and flat plate batteries. All three types can be the best battery for inverter, depending on the customer’s need. The details of all three types of batteries are given below.

  1. Tubular Batteries



The tubular battery type is considered the best battery for inverter by many people due to its continuous performance. These batteries are designed like tubular plates and are shaped like tubes or pencils. These batteries can provide an uninterrupted power supply for a long, and are usually resistant to abrasion. These batteries are also leakproof, and the electrolyte amount present is generally 20 per cent more than usual. This increases safety and lowers maintenance. Alloys are used for the construction, and the used components enhance the charge acceptance rate, charge recovery, and proper discharge. These batteries are also completely recyclable and usually provides a long battery lifespan.

2. Gel Based Batteries



The gel based batteries are usually well known for their complete protection against spillage. This type of battery is also considered the best battery for inverter for home. These batteries are unique in the sense that they do not need any maintenance or top-up. The power provided is also generally 20 per cent more than usual. Since these batteries don’t require maintenance, it helps is increasing the lifespan of the battery. For home usage, these batteries are extremely useful and safe.

3. Flat Plate Batteries



As for the flat plate batteries are the fastest charging batteries and pocket friendly than tubular and gel battery these batteries can be fully recycled. Since the flat plate batteries are lightweight and compact, this type is the best battery for inverter for people who prefer small-sized inverter battery.

Thus, we have seen the three different types of batteries that are generally the best battery for inverter types at present. In the case of the tubular batteries, it can be seen that the power generation is higher, and are very capable of taking heavy loads for prolonged periods. As in the case of the gel-based batteries, their protection features are very impressive, with absolutely no chance for any leakage. What’s more, is that these gel-based batteries do not require any kind of maintenance as well. The other battery types are low maintenance as well, but the gel-based batteries need nothing. As for customers who would like a compact and small battery size for home, the flat plate batteries are an excellent choice. Thus, it can be said that the best battery for inverter can be all three types. It just depends on the need of the customer.


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