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Monday , January 22 2018
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Tribal farmers fear 50% crop loss in Udaipur-Pratapgarh

Udaipur : The hailstorms and unseasonal rains past week has cast vast damage to Rabi crops in Udaipur division. The agriculture officers, compiling the loss reports after extensive survey fear 50 % loss in traditional crops like wheat and barley while 70 to 80 percent loss has been estimated in sensitive cash crops like Isabgol, jeera, Opium and coriander etc. According to a report from the administration, 68 villages have been affected of the bad weather in Udaipur district while more than 25 villages have faced the wrath in Pratapgarh.

“ The Girdavari report on crop loss is still underway but going through a rough estimate, farmers in Udaipur and Pratapgarh have faced severe loss due to the bad weather. On an average 50 percent of crops have been damaged in the affected areas in 68 to 80 villages” said Mahesh Verma, the Joint Director of Agriculture department. Negligible loss have been reported from Banswara and Dungerpur districts where rains were less powerful. In Kushagarh at Banswara 5 to 7 percent damage has been reported from wheat crop in 8,150 hectares. Farmers in Udaipur and Pratapgarh had suffered losses in the first spell of the rains in February too, however, this time the damage is intense.

4Most of the damage has been inflicted on Isabgol crop spread in some 900 hectares at Prapagarh district as 70 percent losses have been estimated here. 30 to 40 percent damage is feared in opium crop here, Verma said. In Udaipur, some 80 villages have been affected of the hailstorm and rains. Farmers in Fatehnagar, Mavli, Badgaon, Gogunda, Kotra areas are in peril after the standing crops of wheat, barley and green vegetables like coriander, tomato, cauliflower etc have been badly damaged.“ Nearly half of our standing crop of wheat got destroyed due to the hailstorm” said 70-year old Mod Singh of Rama village who owns four bigha of farm land. “The damage is felt more because we were about to reap the crop,” he added, “we had expected atleast 20 bags of wheat from the reap but now all is in vain” the old man cried. “ Already Mewari farmers have marginal land and live in miserable condition. The untimely rains and hailstorms has cast misfortune on them for they had expected some money and grains enough to store for the whole year but their hopes have been washed away with the rains” said Phoolsingh Meena, Udaipur legislator (rural). The patwaris and gram sachiv of affected panchayat samitis are busy in making the Girdavari report which will be prepared by March 23, Collector Ashutosh A T Pednekar said.


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