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Trendy Beat Network turns into aggregator from distributor

The same happend with Aman who was once a data entry specialist and web developer until 2014. But, his hard work and dedication towards his dream and desire made things much lighter and helped him to achieve his goal. When he started working for himself in back in 2009, he didn’t consider himself an entrepreneur; he thought of himself as someone who wanted to pursue his passion in his terms. It was like a dream come true for Aman when he met music director ‘Ramandeep Singh’ who is popularly known as ‘Sound Shikari’ on social media platforms including Facebook. When Ramandeep shared music distribution challenges for Indie artist in India, Aman came up with an idea of starting his very own music distribution company which he named ‘Trendy Beat Network’.

Initially, Aman faced many troubles in understanding the feature of the digital world and digital rights management system. However, he started working with major record labels in Punjab which eventually helped him to get exposure.It was in May 2017, when Aman made headlines when he started a subsidiary FMD Media which allowed indie users to upload content directly. In mid-2019, Aman introduced his next venture  ‘Easy Distro’. It is the only distribution service which pays 96% revenue to its clients without any setup or per release cost. ‘Trendy Beat Network’ now serves over 4100 clients in 190+ countries,  and soon it became  an aggregator which was once a which raised the a distributor.

Currently, Aman is working on a custom web application which is designed for sub-distributors and allows them to use the services as a white label.Aman’s devotion towards his work has also helped him to book a berth in the bollywood. He has worked as a producer in Yeh Zindagi (Single Audio) by Rahat Fateh Ali Khan and Sahir Ali Bagga. He limited his Anti-Piracy service to some selected clients including Diljit Dosanjh for El-Sueno, SK Films for movie Race 3.

Nominated for various prestigious awards in the field of entrepreneurship, Aman made it top 100 in Red Herring Inc, Startup of the Year, Asia (2017). Red Herring Global. Red Herring Global is the culmination of a year’s work of scouring the globe and reviewing thousands of privately held companies from around the world. The pool of candidates for the award are the top private companies from the regional competitions in Europe, North America, and Asia.

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