Monday , September 20 2021

Top Online Fantasy Sportsbooks in 2021


With each passing day, we all are learning a lifelong process, and fantasy sports are not an exception. This game evolves and you keep learning for staying ahead of the competition. What’s the better way to do so than getting knowledge from the top online fantasy sportsbooks.

We have curated a list of online fantasy sports betting books to help you better understand Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) while getting entertainment along the way.

  1. Dueling With Kings (2017)

Author: Daniel Barbarisi

This book unleashes the inside story of Daily Fantasy Sports. All this while capturing its spectacular cast of characters, from sun-starved mathematics geeks to wide-eyed freshly minted millionaires to the Playboy bunnies and bros living non-stop frat keggers’ party. It’s an interesting book to get a deep understanding of fantasy sports online.

  1. Billion Dollar Fantasy (2019)

Author: Albert Chen

Chen shares the story of some individuals behind the tale: An Irishman who did not know American sports. This fantasy geek felt it’s his destiny for changing the way how other nerds watched the games they admire.

In this character-driven story full of excursions in various unexpected and strange paths, Chen takes the readers from board rooms to casinos while telling an intimate and sprawling tale of the new world. It is all about the story of dreams and ideas. It’s also about a world full of luck, risk, greed, hubris and redemption.

  1. Wasting Your Wildcard (2018)

Author: David Wardale

David Wardale, the writer of the UK’s top Fantasy Football website – Fantasy Football Scout, has written this book about the obsessive world of fantasy football. In this book, the writer has written how managers do anything to succeed. The story also narrates how previous winners discover the ways they beat millions to reach the top.

He even reveals leagues where failure includes straight humiliation. The book also helps you discover how low some managers can go to claim certain psychological benefits. Along the way, he witnesses some Saudi sheikhs, a member of a big pop band, most of Norway, stats professors and more. All of them were united with their determined desire for Fantasy Football. If you are also into DFS and a football fanatic, you need to read it.

  1. Fantasy Premier League: Unlocking the Secrets to a Top 1% Finish (2019)

Author: Toby Margetts, Gianni Butticé

The book – Fantasy Premier League – is more than a gaming sportsbook. It is a phenomenon! With around septillion potential line-ups and over 6,000,000 players signing in for the 2019/20 season, some unspoken subtleties are separating around 99% of players from 1% elite who constantly get the top overall rankings. Not to mention, the book is also about taking prize pots to home, as well as bragging rights at every season’s end.

This book further shows how to join an extra 1%. Perennial 1% top finishers and FPL veterans Gianni and Toby share all they learned over the 10 years of FPL graft. They also unveiled the habits and patterns in professional players. It is a valuable text containing very familiar learning of heartbreak and despair, managerial nous and neatly packaged and highly powered teams.

Backed with unprecedented knowledge, the book will offer you a huge edge over anyone against you. It is not just a guide on how to play Fantasy Premier League, it’s also about how to win and reach the top position.

  1. Mathletics (2012)

Author: Wayne L. Winston

This book by Wayne Winston is all about the mathematical techniques that top managers and coaches use for evaluating players. It further improves team performance, as well as gives math enthusiasts the most practical tools required for enhancing their knowledge and understanding of their favourite sports. It also helps you gain an outer edge to win the bets.

This book combines sports stories with fun math equations. It’s all about what you face in actual games and how real players and the team react to certain situations. Winston makes use of easy-to-read illustrations and tables for highlighting the ideas and techniques he presents. And, it also contains details about all the important math concepts like basic statistics and probability, as well as fully explained examples.

  1. Expected Goals Philosophy (2019)

Author: James Tippett

In this book, there are details about the expected goals that were originally made by a small corner of the football analytics community online. It did not take much time for professional gamblers for beginning to use xG for predicting match outcomes. All these bettors have utilised the estimated goal methods for turning over millions from bookmakers.

The football clubs had seized ground-breaking insight by xG. Brentford FC ere the leaders of this field, trying to assemble a Play-Off-reaching squad on a small budget. In the past five years, a small West London side turned over millions in transfer revenue from their expected goals method for player recruitment.

Recently, the estimated goals technique is adopted by the media as an insight. The fans are finally grabbing on to the introducing means of football analysis. Soon, anyone who does not understand the estimated goals techniques will be left behind.

  1. How Fantasy Sports Explains the World (2013)

Author: AJ Mass

This book is all about anecdotal exploration of the skills required for evaluating fantasy sports talent. It narrates about the same with skills that are used regularly in everyday situations. It just takes the reader on an expedition from charred Connecticut campgrounds to casinos of Atlantic City. It also includes the stories of the Constitutional Convention to the Last Supper.

The author even demonstrates winning fantasy advice that may come from anyone and be found almost anywhere. The scientific knowledge of Stephen Hawking, wisdom and wit of William Shakespeare or the futuristic glimpse of a galaxy – all are mentioned in detail.


With these top online fantasy sportsbooks, you can easily learn a lot about fantasy sports and the tricks to master them online. These books are created with interesting storylines to make understanding fantasy sports easy and fun.

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