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Today is World Tourism Day

The United Nations World Tourism Organization celebrates 27th September as World Tourism Day since 1980. Each year the day sees a new theme and a new country as a host. This year, for the first time India is hosting World Tourism Day with the theme ‘Tourism and Jobs: a better future for all’. As the theme goes, the main objective of the program is to open more avenues for job seekers in the field of tourism. The aim is to create awareness about various benefits of tourism that may otherwise remain inaccessible.

India is one of the most popular tourist destination in terms of its enthralling landscape to rich flora and fauna. It has a vast variety of landscapes to travel over and diverse cultures to scout and learn about.

It’s every corner has so much to offer and has always attracted tourists from across the globe. From Hsuan-tsang to Vasco Da Gama, Fa Hien to Marco Polo, all have traveled to India and documented it’s practices and happenings for historical references. With the surging number of foreign tourists, today India is a global platform for investment and economic growth. 

According to Tourism Ministry, the growth potential of the nascent sector is endless. The number of foreign travelers is also on the rise as 10.5 million foreign tourists visited India in 2018. India chosen as the host country as it has wide geographical entity than the rest of Asia. India can offer a tourist different tourism choices, diverse cuisines, arts, faiths, music forms, adventures places, history and even language. Be it the land of dawn Arunachal Pradesh or Awesome Assam, beautiful Bengal or blissful Bihar, and the enchanting Tamilnadu or God’s own country Kerala; India welcomes guests with open arms to live it’s lively beauty. Festivals like Kumbh Mela, Rathyatra, Thrissur Pooram portrays our rich and diverse heritage.

Today, Tourism is generating 10 per cent of the world jobs today and more fresh policies needed to maximize the potential of tourism. Traveling has become more economical, convenient and easy with new developments and technologies today, and Tourism has emerged as a leading business industry in many countries. The objective is to acquaint people with social, cultural, political and economic importance. As we say, the World is nothing but a book and traveling is the best way to read that book ! The desire to explore new places and cultures has helped the world to come together and connect effectively.

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