Thursday , April 22 2021
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To increase participation, PM Modi’s 4-point agenda for voters

PM Modi appeals to all political parties including Congress President Rahul Gandhi, TMC leader Mamta Bannerjee and other celebreties to help spread the message.

The four point agenda to voters are:


1) Give your voter card a place of pride in your life


Get registered as voters, (if you have not already) at the earliest.

You can apply either online, on, or through the BLOs of your respective polling stations or at the electoral registration office.


(2) Check thoroughly

Revisit the electoral rolls and check whether your name is there. Visit the websites of your respective state election offices and check the electoral rolls.

If your name is missing, raise it with the relevant authorities and if you have shifted residence, ensure that your name shifts to the voter rolls of your new place of stay.


(3) Plan well

The poll schedule is already out, giving you ample time to plan your summer schedule. Try to be there on the day of voting. If you are planning a summer holiday, plan it before or after the polling date.


(4) Mobilise others

Call upon your family, friends and colleagues to vote.

Motivate and, if need be, force them to venture out  and exercise their franchise on polling day.

Higher voting means a stronger democracy and a stronger democracy means a developed India!


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