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Tips to Get the Perfect Water Purifier

Human beings have three basic needs which are food, water and shelter in order to survive on planet earth. Out of these, water is the most important resource. It is treated as an elixir of life which sustains every living thing on the planet. Water as a resource is available from a number of sources like river, lakes, streams and oceans. However, due to industrialization and modernization by human beings this resource has become contaminated. Presence of various types of contaminants and bacteria has rendered this resource unfit for consumption. If consumed, it can seriously affect one’s health. Therefore, there was an urgent need to come up with a plan or an idea which can help in purifying this resource.

It was the invention of water purifier which helped in solving this problem. A water purifier is a machine which helps in removing the harmful chemicals and particles present in water by using various methods of purification. They proved to be a savior of human life. A water purifier can use various methods for purification. Some are listed below:

  1. Reverse Osmosis system:

It is the commonly used method of water purification by water purifiers. It is a multi-stage system which combines carbon and other active particles to purify water. A semi-porous layer, which blocks heavy chemicals, is used and clear water passes through for consumption. Moreover, any leftover poor smell or taste is also removed simultaneously.

  1. Use of Ultra Violet (UV) light:

Most of the modern water filters have a UV device attached to the main system. This UV device emits high power UV rays which help in killing harmful pathogens and bacteria from the water with ease. It is considered to be the safest method of purification as no bacteria or virus can survive UV rays. They get killed immediately upon exposure.

  1. Candle filter purification:

This method of purification also involves pushing water through a filter for removing harmful viruses but the filter used has bigger pores than used in RO purification system. This helps in blocking any bigger particles present in the water which may not have filtered out upon Reverse Osmosis.

A water purifier may use a single method of Purification or can combine all the above to get the best results. Apart from the benefits a water purifier provides, it has several disadvantages too like:

  1. Killing essential nutrients from the water

During the purification process, purifiers, along with killing harmful bacteria and suspended particles, kill some essential nutrients like magnesium, calcium and other minerals from the water. These purifiers also tend to reduce the PH level of water which an essential component of clean water. Therefore, the very purpose for which purifiers were created gets destroyed.

  1. Flaws in the Reverse Osmosis method of purification:

Despite the use of filters to block harmful bacteria in RO purification process, certain microbes tend to enter the water stream upon output.

  1. Wastage of water:

These water purifiers waste a large portion of water that runs through its filtration system. Almost 80% of water is rejected and the rest 20% is left for consumption which is unacceptable. The rejected portion of water goes into the drain. This is sheer waste of water.

  1. High maintenance cost of purifiers:

Components used in modern filters are very expensive to replace, which reduces the period for which a purifier can be used.

There are thousands of companies all around the globe which manufacture different type of water purifiers using different methods of purification. Moreover, the companies have started installing certain new features to their purifiers which has made the choice of the best purifier very difficult. Here are some tips which a customer must keep in mind while purchasing a purifier in order to get the perfect water purifier:

  1. Knowledge of different types of purifiers:

The best way to select the perfect water purifier and reap its benefits is to be aware of different kinds of mineral water purifiers available in the market. A customer must compare different purifiers on the basis of various advantages and disadvantages and make the best choice among them with the least ill-effects and best features. A thorough knowledge of the process used by a purifier is essential to make a choice.

  1. 2. Market survey:

Before purchasing a purifier, a customer must conduct a market research of various companies selling the purifiers. A Market research would help a customer differentiate between efficient and inefficient purifiers.

  1. Purchasing purifier online:

A customer can also search for water purifiers online as they give detailed information about all the features a purifier has. Moreover, a customer can compare between different brands of purifiers on the basis of catalogs provided by various authorized sellers. Purchasing a purifier online would also provide certain added benefits like free installation of the purifier or free maintenance for a year etc.

This would help a customer get the perfect purifier and perfect deal.

  1. Purchasing from an authorized retailer:

A customer must make sure the company which has manufactured the purifier is reputed company. Also, he/she should make sure the retailer from whom they are purchasing the purifier is an authorized retailer with permission from the government and the company.

  1. Purchasing only ISI marked purifiers:

Another tip which will ensure the purchase of the best purifier is to make sure whether the purifier has been ISI marked product or not. An ISI mark on a purifier will ensure its authenticity. It also ensures that the purifier has fulfilled all the safety standards provided by the government. An ISI mark acts as a government certification for a product which ensures that the customer is buying the best product available in the market.

  1. Selecting a purifier with the best method of purification:

A customer must select a purifier which uses the best and the safest method of purification. It will ensure that the customer gets clean water to drink free from any harmful pathogens or chemicals.

Filter that uses combination of RO +UF+UV+TDS methods to purify water should be selected by the customers for complete purification of water.

  1. Ensuring maximum storage capacity:

A customer must identify his/her need before buying a purifier like storage capacity needed. A customer must buy only that purifier which satisfies his/her needs.

  1. Ensuring excellent after sales services provided by the company:

Purifiers of reputed brands must be purchased which provide timely and excellent after sales services. Also, the purifier with the least maintenance cost and with maximum warranty period must be purchased.

These are only few of the many tips which can help a customer to make the beat choice and get a perfect purifier. A customer must keep them in mind and also educate others to follow the suit. Clean water is very important and getting the best purifier will ensure its safety.

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